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Brush Fires Near Manitou Incline

Yesterday winds up to 70 mph caused problems in the area near the Manitou Incline. There were 8 small fires down near the Pikes Peak Cog Railway from a blown transformer and powerlines blown down. About one acre burned without any major damage. KKTV has a few more details.


Barr Trail Parking Lot to be Closed

The Barr Trail parking lot is scheduled to be closed Monday and Tuesday, May 24th and 25th for paving. Hopefully they’re also paving Hydra and getting it fixed up. Update: Turns out they were paving just Hydra and not the parking lot.


1960s? Postcard

I found this postcard of the Manitou Incline cable car a little below the top. In it you can see the pulleys in the center of the tracks for the cables. Click for a larger image to see the pulleys better. On the back the text says, “The thrilling mile and a quarter ride on [...]