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Incline Hike February 24, 2013

I hiked up the Incline late Sunday afternoon. There was a small amount of fresh snow from in the morning but it was no longer snowing. On the lower part, I could see ice under the snow from where the sun had melted the snow on Saturday. The upper part was just snow packed. Even [...]


Snowy Incline 2013

Photo by Roger Austin After a dry winter, the snows the last couple weeks have finally made the Incline snowy and icy. The rules for the Manitou Incline don’t address conditions on the Incline. They do however say the Incline is an extreme trail and you use it at your own risk. The awesome photo [...]


No Trespassing Sign Photo Op

The Incline Friends are giving you an opportunity this weekend to get your photo with the Manitou Incline No Trespassing sign. The sign was removed the end of January with the Incline becoming legal on February 1st. This Saturday and Sunday, February 23rd and 24th, the Incline Friends will have the old Manitou Incline No [...]


Manitou Incline February 10, 2013

I made my first legal trek up the Manitou Incline late this afternoon. It snowed off and on as I hiked. Although it didn’t snow much Wednesday night, there was ice from that storm under the small amount of new snow on the upper section of the Incline. Going down the social trail to Barr [...]


UpaDowna Incline Happy Hour

This is the first Thursday since the Manitou Incline was legalized. It means there will be the first legal UpaDowna Incline Happy hour. However until time change next month, the dawn to dusk rule will be broken. The Incline Happy Hour was started a few years ago by the great folks at UpaDowna. Their motto [...]


Manitou Incline Officially Legal

From Pikes Peak Sports: With one quick swing on Friday morning, Colorado Springs city councilman Scott Hente smashed a bottle of sparkling apple cider across the old “No Trespassing” sign and the Manitou Incline became legal for all to enjoy. Members of the nonprofit Incline Friends group, special guests and early morning Incline hikers joined [...]