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Manitou Incline Needs You!

Between July 20 and December 28, 2013, hikers have made 114,619 trips up the Manitou Incline according to the Incline Counter. With years of neglect, lot of use and the heavy rains this summer and fall, the Incline needs a lot of work to stabilize it. The plan for stabilizing the Incline calls for preserving [...]


Winter Morning on the Incline

I hiked up the Incline yesterday morning, December 22, 2013, early to catch sunrise from the top. About an inch of snow had fallen overnight and there were still clouds off to the east. It was a beautiful morning to be on the Incline! Below are photos from the hike. I could tell there was [...]


Christmas Ornaments for Tree at Top

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a tree at the top of the Manitou Incline that people decorate for Christmas. It’s a nice tradition that has grown over the last few years. This weekend (December 14 and 15), the Incline Friends will help you add to the decorations on the tree. The Incline Friends will [...]


Cold, Snowy and Beautiful on the Incline

With the sub-zero temperatures the last few days, few people have been hiking the Incline. No weather though stops everyone. Guys like Roger Austin who made his 637th trip of the year up and Joe Monger who hit #500 for the year the day after Thanksgiving don’t let much stop them from being on the [...]