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Manitou Incline Closure 2017

Manitou Incline Closed Sign

After uncertainty about funding for the 3rd phase of repairs for the Manitou Incline, Colorado Springs has announced that the Incline will be closing this fall. The City of Colorado Springs, in conjunction with the City of Manitou Springs, will start phase 3 improvements to the Mt. Manitou Incline on August 21.

The Incline will close for the Pikes Peak Ascent Marathon on August 19 and 20 and will remain closed for the repairs and renovations which are set to begin on Monday, August 21 and is expected to last into December. Construction will take place between Tie 2137 and Tie 2741, at the upper third of the Incline above the false summit. For more information on the construction project, visit

The Incline project has four major goals: improved safety, enhanced user experience, long-term sustainability of the trail and increased accessibility. Work will include repairing and replacing damaged retaining walls, cleaning up the exposed rebar and loose debris, adding additional drainage structures, anchoring the existing ties, and stabilizing the surrounding slopes. Currently, there are several failed drainage structures. During construction, the failed infrastructure will be removed and new drainage structures will be installed. The increase in drainage structures will greatly help reduce the velocity of water, a critical factor in reducing erosion and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Incline.


The project cost is estimated to be $2 million. Funding is made possible by a Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program. The grant money allocated is provided as reimbursement for documented eligible costs. The City of Colorado Springs is responsible for the general oversight, trail enhancements, general maintenance of the Incline and to apply for grants to fund improvements, per the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Manitou Springs. For more information on the construction project, visit

Join Incline Friends at Manitou Brewing Company

Incline Friends Banner

Join the Incline Friends Board of Directors at 6 PM on Tuesday, January 31 at Manitou Brewing Company at 725 Manitou Ave. This is your chance to ask the Incline Friends board any questions you might have. There will be chances to win prizes and MBC’s special that night is a pint of beer and three tacos for $9!

Manitou Brewing Company is a big supporter of the Incline Friends. They donate a portion of the sales of their brand-named glasses to Incline Friends. They recently donated $624 from the pint glasses.

Incline Friends will also be thanking the folks from Timberline Landscaping for their work on Phase II of the Incline restoration. Come out and talk to the Incline Friends and raise a toast to Timberline Landscaping.

Manitou Incline Reopening After Phase 2 Repairs


Click here for 2017 Manitou Incline calendars

The Manitou Incline reopens on December 2nd, 2016 after a celebration ceremony and ribbon cutting with Olympic athletes at 8:30 AM. The Incline has been closed since August 22nd for a second phase of repairs. This time work was done from the bottom of the Incline up to where the repairs were made in the fall of 2014.

There are a few specials for the reopening. The Starbucks at 3104 W. Colorado Avenue will be offering ANY grande beverage for only $2.00 from Friday Dec. 2nd through Sunday Dec. 4th. Manitou Springs will be handing out free bottled water to riders of the free shuttle from the free Hiawatha Gardens Parking Lot on Saturday from 7 until 10 AM. Also on Saturday, the first 300 riders of the shuttle will a gluten free mini-donut and coffee from The Market.

While the Incline was closed, Manitou Springs drastically increased parking fees and fines close to the Incline. Upper Ruxton has also become part of the Residential Parking so parking is only allowed Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Parking on Ruxton when allowed is $10 PER HOUR. Letting your meter expire or parking outside of allowed hours will result in a $70 fine for first offense, $100 for 2nd and $150 for 3rd.

Parking in the Barr Parking lot is only available with a reservation from (redirects to the paid parking company’s website). Although the Manitou Springs mayor, Nicole Nicoletta, has mentioned a few times that reservations were coming, it was announced late Thursday afternoon that it’ll be effect on Friday for reopening. Details on how it works are not clear at this point other than it costs $20 (plus $2.40 fee) for a day or a 4 hour period. A $15 refund is supposed to be available at Barr Camp. Fines are also $70 for first offense, $100 for 2nd and $150 for 3rd.

Ok, it’s pretty clear the Manitou doesn’t want people parking near the Incline. They want everyone parking at the free Hiawatha Gardens Parking Lot at 10 Old Mans Trail. The free shuttle stop is across the street on the east side of Manitou’s Memorial Park. The shuttle runs about every 20 minutes from 6 AM until 6 PM this time of year.

If you’re under a time crunch and want to park close, Iron Springs Chateau is your best option. It’s $5 to park for the day until 5 PM. The next best option is to park at the Pikes Peak Cog. Their parking is $10 for up to 3 hours from dawn to dusk if they don’t need all the parking for cog customers.

Manitou Incline regulars are excited to have the Incline open again so it’ll probably be quite busy this weekend. If you go, please be safe and enjoy yourself.

Click here for 2017 Manitou Incline calendars

Incline Closing for 2016 Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Looking Down Manitou Incline

Update from the Iron Springs Melodrama mid-morning on Saturday: The incline is open the rest of the day today and will be open from 3:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. tomorrow. That is from the El Paso County Sheriff Deputy who is sitting at the bottom and it’s fixing to leave, once again nobody puts out the right information about this thing.

The 2016 Pikes Peak Ascent is August 20th and the Pikes Peak Marathon is August 21st. Unlike past years, Colorado Springs Parks and Rec has decided to close the Incline for the entire weekend. This is an extra bummer since the Incline closes for repairs the following day.

Friday August 19th will be the last day to hike the Incline until early December. Members of the Incline Friends Board of Directors will be at the bottom of the Incline on the 19th at 7 AM and again at 6 PM to answer questions. They’ll be handing out free popsicles. Rumor has it they’ll also have tissues for those shedding tears over the Incline closure.

Barr Trail Mountain Race – July 17th, 2016

Barr Trail Mountain Race

Barr Trail Mountain Race Photo

The Barr Trail Mountain Race is this Sunday, July 17th, 2016. The race starts in front of the Pikes Peak Cog Railway depot at 7 AM. Runners will be going up and down Barr Trail until around 10 AM.

The Barr Trail parking lot will be closed from 5 AM until noon. The Manitou Incline will be open but it would be best to avoid the area until the race is over. If you really want to do the Incline during the race, please respect the runners and don’t slow them down since they’re racing.