2017 Manitou Incline Calendar

2017 Manitou Incline Calendar Cover

This page is for an old calendar. Click here for 2018 calendars.

For 2017 you can have a calendar showing your favorite hike hanging on your wall. Not only that but a portion of the purchase price will go to the Incline Friends to benefit the Manitou Incline. $3 per calendar will go to Incline Friends.

2017 Manitou Incline calendar sample month

Click to see sample month

The calendar is a standard wall calendar with each page 11×8.5 inches. See below for the photos on the calendar. There’s also one for December 2016 so you can start using it as soon as you get it.

Have questions? Contact me here.

SOLD OUT – As of 12/21 the calendars are gone and I don’t plan on having more printed.

Have the Manitou Incline calendar shipped to you. $4 shipping for 1st calendar and $1 for each additional (US only shipping).


Pick up the Manitou Incline calendar and not pay shipping. Only select this option if you’ve already arranged pickup.



2 Responses to “2017 Manitou Incline Calendar”

  1. Christopher Weimar says:

    Looks great!

  2. Johnny says:

    Love this so much!!! I would loce a calander. Its part of my beautiful home town.Its also, part of what makes this city so special. Great idea. I did the incline in the 8th grade. A group called Acent Unlimited. We were traing to climb to the sumit of America’s Mountian. I have lung disease & this is a goal of mine to do this again.

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