Bicycle Dreams Movie Fundraiser

UltraRob in the 2006 Race Across America

The Race Across America (RAAM) has been called the world’s toughest bike race. It is approximately 1.5 times the distance of the Tour de France but has a time limit of 12 days instead of the 3 weeks that the Tour de France takes. That makes for a minimum of 250 miles a day. RAAM racers are on the bikes 20+ hours a day and ride alone instead of in a pack.

You might wonder what it has to do with the Manitou Incline. A movie about RAAM is being used as a fundraiser for the Incline Friends. Bicycle Dreams is a feature-length documentary about the 2005 RAAM. It was won awards at many film festivals over the last few years.

The Bicycle Dreams fundraiser is on Wednesday, March 28 at 7 PM at the Stargazers Theatre. Tickets cost $11 in advance online at imATHLETE or $15 at the door. Tickets are also available at the Colorado Running Company, 833 N. Tejon, and 9275 N. Union, Suite 120; Carmichael Training Systems, 600 S. 21st; Criterium Bicycles, 6150 Corporate Center Dr., and Team Telecycle at 615 S. Baldwin St. in Woodland Park.

There will be 2 RAAM finishers at the movie showing to tell about their personal experiences. Fred Boethling set a new record in 2006 for the 60+ age category. He is now the organizer for RAAM.
You can read a Bicycle Dreams review here. If you want to more about RAAM, you can read a Race Across America FAQ here.

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