Free Manitou Incline Shuttle Starts for 2015

Manitou Incline Shuttle

Today, May 17th, the free Manitou Incline shuttle starts running again for the summer. It will run through September 12, 2015.

The Incline bus (Route 33) will operate from 6 AM – 8:15 PM every day on 20 minute intervals. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be a 2nd bus from 10 AM until 8:15 PM. The 2nd bus will be timed so there will be about 10 minutes between buses. There’s also another bus route that will service downtown Manitou. See the map of the routes here.

The Incline bus runs from the free parking lot behind the Tajine Alami Restaurant at 10 Old Mans Trail in Manitou. Park around the side and back of the restaurant and not out in front. The shuttle stop is across the street from the restaurant.

There is a 2nd bus route that services the shops along Manitou Avenue. That bus doesn’t go up to the Incline. If you’re going to the Incline you have to get on the bus across from the Tajine Alami Restaurant.

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