Incline Closure Coming Late Summer 2016

Manitou Incline Closed Sign

The Manitou Incline will once again be closing for repairs late summer of 2016. It will be closed from August 22 until early December, 2016 (Photo above is from 2014). In 2014 it was closed from August 18th through December 5th.

This time the repair work will address the bottom portion of the Incline. Colorado Springs Parks and Rec is saying it’s from Tie 1 to Tie 1525. I believe those tie numbers are from the study before the Manitou Incline was legalized in 2013. Since then several more ties have come loose and rolled into the bushes.

Work will include repairing and replacing damaged retaining walls, cleaning up the mess of rebar and loose debris, adding additional drainage structures, stabilizing the existing ties, and stabilizing the surrounding slopes. Currently, there are several failed drainage structures.

The project cost is one million dollars. Funding is made possible by a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant and Trail, Open Space and Parks Funding (TOPS).The City of Colorado Springs is responsible for the general oversight, trail enhancements, and maintenance of the Incline and to apply for grants for fund improvements, per the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Manitou Springs.

The official Colorado Springs Park and Rec page for the Manitou Incline has a FAQ on the closure. It also has general information on the Incline.

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