Iron Springs Chateau Incline Fundraiser

Iron Springs Banner

The Incline Friends are having a fundraiser for the Incline at the Iron Springs Chateau on Friday, October 4. For $30 you get dinner (4 entree choices, including gluten free pasta), coffee, tea and water AND a voucher for one free day of parking at the Iron Springs Chateau parking area (any day, as availability of spaces allow). Dinner is at 6 PM and the show begins at 8 PM.

We’ve shed blood, sweat and tears on the Incline, a mixture that creates some solid friendships. Instead of the usual stitch in your side from the Incline, you’ll be in stitches over the improvisational humor of Stick Horses in Pants as they wing some zingers at the totally insane and rockin’ workout that we all know and love.

Make your reservations now (719-685-5104) for a night of laughs and frivolity along with all of your fellow Incliners at the Iron Springs Chateau. The Chateau is generously donating half of the evening’s proceeds to the Incline Friends.

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