Manitou Incline Officially Legal

From Pikes Peak Sports:

With one quick swing on Friday morning, Colorado Springs city councilman Scott Hente smashed a bottle of sparkling apple cider across the old “No Trespassing” sign and the Manitou Incline became legal for all to enjoy.

Members of the nonprofit Incline Friends group, special guests and early morning Incline hikers joined a media frenzy for the official opening.

Hente ha pushed for years for the Incline to become legal and he was there to “christen” a new era for the old railway bed. “We know that this is an important day for the people of the Pikes Peak Region and I just want to encourage people to enjoy this recreational activity,” Hente saud.

He pointed to the economic impact that the Incline is expected to have, and encouraged Incline hikers to support businesses in Manitou Springs.

“It’s a huge economic engine for the entire Pikes Peak Region,” Hente said. “I encourage everyone when you get done to have breakfast, a beer, both, at a Manitou restaurant. This is a huge economic activity for Pikes Peak and it exemplifies all of the recreational activities we like to do.”

Hente was joined by Steve Bremner, Incline Friends president, who worked for years to help complete the Manitou Incline Management Plan.

“It has been four years since we started the management plan and two years since we finished the plan,” Bremner said. “But we’re finally legal, Feb. 1, 2013.”

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