Photos Benefit the Incline

Firefighers on the Incline

Last fall firefighters from Tri Lakes/Monument fire station hiked up the Manitou Incline in full gear to commemorate their fallen comrades and all who died on 9/11. The firefighters figured each step represented one person who had died that day, and the total height was the same as climbing both of the Twin Towers.

Photographer Ed Barth was shooting photos that day of the Incline and captured the firefighters. He’s selling 2 different photos. One is with the firefighters at the bottom and another as they were making their way up the Incline.

Ed specializes in big prints and has these available from 2 feet tall to 6 1/2 feet tall. He had them on display at the Incline Friends membership drive and they have great detail. He’s donating 50% of sales of these 2 photos to the Incline Friends through February 5th.

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