Thanksgiving 2013 Conditions

Manitou Incline January 22, 2012

Not a Current Photo but Common Winter Conditions

Thinking of burning of some calories on the Incline before stuffing yourself for Thanksgiving? You aren’t the only one and people have been asking about the current condition on the Incline.

I haven’t made it up the Incline in the last couple of days but have heard some reports of the trail conditions. Conditions sound typical for this time of year after it snows and we get a couple warm days.

The bottom of the Incline melts off and is mostly bare. The center and top have packed snow and ice. As often happens, it is slicker now that some of the snow has turned to ice. I heard of an experienced Incline user falling on the ice this morning even with screws in his shoes.

Conditions on Barr Trail are likely similar to what’s on the Incline. Some sections may be melted off but others will be packed snow or ice.

It’s definitely not safe to be doing the Incline in these conditions without traction devices. If you don’t have any, check out Yaktrax, Kahtoola Microspikes or Stabilicers Lite.

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