Should People Be Trespassing on the Incline?

No Trespassing Sign on Manitou Incline

The Gazette spoke with City Councilman Tim Leigh yesterday about trespassing on the Incline since he makes no secret that he trespasses on it. Here’s his response.

“I’m heading there now to break the law,” Leigh said. “I know it’s illegal to do right now, but it is so pervasively used. It’s like one of those laws that’s so commonly broken, how do you feel bad about it? I know it’s a horrible thing to say. I’m totally wrong. I got that. I should not go. But it has been featured in the New York Times and Sports illustrated. It is nationally acclaimed as an endurance-sports venue.”

Head over to the Gazette to read the rest of the article.

What are your thoughts? Do you think people should be trespassing? Do you yourself trespass on the Incline?

6 Responses to “Should People Be Trespassing on the Incline?”

  1. Dave says:

    Of course people shouldn’t be trespassing, and ‘everyone doing it’ doesn’t make it acceptable. Mr. Leigh should feel bad about it, commonly done or not. He has been elected to serve our city, and part of that job is implementing laws. Now, not to get into a long political discussion, but part of the problem in our country is law makers thinking they are above the law. In fact they should be setting the example. Mr. Leigh is obviously not the correct person for our city council, but we all shouldve known that when he asked for $90K/ year pay raise.

  2. Doug Binder says:

    This is a tough one for me. It’s not like you are walking through someones back yard. In addition, for someone training for a big climb or the Pikes Peak Ascent (do they still do that?) the incline is an amazing training tool. On the other hand, it is illegal. I guess my actions are the true test – when I lived there, I used the incline often to train for climbs.

  3. Dave says:

    The City of Colorado Springs Policy and Procedure Manual- Policy #41 Page 101. Business Ethics.

    “The City is committed to strictly observing all laws, and employees are expected to uphold this commitment to legal com…pliance. Employees should avoid any conduct creating the appearance of impropriety even if those actions do not violate specific policies, standards, regulations or laws.”

  4. Herbie says:

    Dave also yells at kids to get off his lawn! Lighten up Francis.

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  6. Tracy says:

    I relate hiking on the Incline as speeding a couple of miles over the speed limit. Technically, going even 1 mile over the speed limit is illegal…but it’s a common thought across America that you won’t get pulled over unless you are going at least 5 over.

    Similarly, I can’t imagine anyone getting fined or prosecuted for hiking on the Incline. I say go Tim Leigh! As a councilman he is setting a good example of what it means to know the law and interpret common sense and he is campaigning for the legalization of the Incline.

    Those who oppose Incline use should lighten up and had better stick to the exact speed limit or I’ll be coming for a “citizens arrest” myself. I’m watching you Chuck Snow! Hehe.

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